Our school relies on active committees led primarily by energetic and committed parents. Each committee is charged with specific annual tasks and is required to report their progress to the board of directors. Presently, there are four standing committees. Meeting agendas are posted at school entrances. Meeting details can be viewed on the school calendar.

Accountability/Academic Excellence

The Accountability Committee is an advisory committee charged with monitoring the fulfillment of our mission, goals, and objectives as stated in our charter. The committee communicates its findings annually via written report to the board of directors and to the district, and makes this report available to the community. Recommendations are forwarded to the board for review and action.

Accountability/Academic Excellence – Charge Letter 18-19

Community Development

The Community Development Committee is a committee charged with making sure TPCA presence is known in community events. The committee also makes sure we are conducting good marketing tactics, monitoring and improving our online presence and building key relationships. Parent participation is encouraged.

Community Development – Charge Letter 18-19


The Finance Committee monitors the financial concerns of the school and reports its findings to the Board of Directors for review and action. This committee partners with Administration to develop TPCA’s 5-year business plan, the annual budget, and reviews periodic financial statements. Twin Peaks Charter Academy’s financial policies, staff salaries, student fee schedules and other policies that have a financial impact on the school are brought to this committee for review.

Finance Charge Letter – 18-19


The Governance Committee is a committee charged to make sure the alignment between policy and curriculum are in line with one another. The committee also will also review identify conflicting policies and recommend changes to the board of directors. Also, the committee will have policy standardization implemented and enforced.

Governance Charge Letter – 18-19